- Age 10+

  • Explain separation of concerns and identify the three layers of the web
  • Use operators, variables, arrays, control structures, functions and objects in JavaScript
  • Map HTML using the DOM - Document Object Model.
  • Identify popular JavaScript Libraries.
  • Create dynamic styles.
  • Create animation on a web page.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :

Total Six Session

After Finishing First Class, If you seem we are perfect for your child, Then book other classes

First Session

Introduction of Javascript, components, Components, variables, Dom methods,

Second Session

Temperature Converter Project

Third Session ​

Random Number generator Project

Fourth Session


Fifth Session

Javascript Form, Login Page, Tell me more about your interest

Sixth Session

Full Project built on JAVASCRIPT and Feedback session. Certificate up on completion. Statement of Interest for next programming language

Course Details

Prior Knowledge & Experience​

  • Students do not need to have any previous knowledge and experience in coding.
  • Instructor starts from the scratch

Certificate upon Completion ​

  • Students will be assessed and provided certificates.


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My son is going into year 5 and completed an in-person class prior to Covid-19. CodingPro Education quickly, and seamlessly, pivoted to an online platform. My son is now completing his other programming classes. The instructors are knowledgeable, and truly connect with each student. This is a true programming course
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This hands-on style of teaching works well with different types of learners, it allows younger students to stay concentrated for a longer time, and it develops problem skills that can be used for other subjects and different life situations
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When I first picked up the phone and called you in 2020, I was very excited to hear that you use Python programming language! Over the last few months, son Brendan has taken the programming course and he loves it!
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I truly believe CodingPro Education helped set a new course for our son, and I am very grateful. We look forward to working with CodingPro Education for years to come – well after the pandemic is behind us!
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I would like to thank Liam and Gracie and the other Instructors at CodingPro Education for the effort they put into their programs and their interest in the students.