Students will be learning TYNKER. On completion of the program, student should be able to

  • Program: Instructions that we give to the computer to make it do something we want.
  • Code Block: In Tynker, we use code blocks to make a program. Code blocks are located in different categories and can be selected in the Code Palette. Each different code block gives a different instruction to the computer.
  • Parameter: Some code blocks have a blank white space inside it. This blank space is called a parameter. The code block acts differently depending on what parameter you put inside it.
  • Event: This is a code block category that waits for something to happen during a program or sends a message to another even block during a program.
  • Actor: An object that is part of your program other than the stage. Each actor has its own code, but you can send messages from one actor to another.
  • Conditional: This is a code block category that makes the program do something only if a condition is met.
  • Variable: A variable is a value that can change throughout the program. We can create variables, name them, and change them whenever we want.
  • Loops: This is a code block category that repeats whatever program you put inside it. You can choose to repeat the loop for a specific amount of time (this is called a finite loop), or all the time (this is called an infinite loop), or until a condition is met (this is called a conditional loop).
  • Cloning: This is where a copy of an object is created again.
  • Operator: This is a code block category that allows us to do things to its parameters, like adding and subtracting.
  • Sequencing: A process of ordering steps.

Age Group: 7-9

Available Time : 8AM to 8PM AET (7 days)

Learning Mode: Online

Lesson Type: One to One

Duration: 1 hr each week for 6 weeks

First Session Is free For Trial

Introduction, favourite, Typing test, Code, Actors

After Finishing First Class, If you seem we are perfect for your child, Then book other classes

Second Session

Last week revision, Sequencing, Problem solving process, Introduction to dialogue

Third Session

Broadcast messages, Plan your superhero story, Motion, Movement, position and rotation. More about Event Tab

Fourth Session

Tynker Project: Event Tab, if else, operation code, setting up first and second action. Project on Motion

Fifth Session

Loop, sensing block, variables through Project. Tell me more about your interest

Sixth Session

Full Project built on Tynker and Feedback session. Certificate up on completion. Statement of Interest for next programming language


Study Materials​​

  • Materials will be provided prior to the delivery of the lesson each week.
  • Student will have E-learning class access
  • Students will work on their own projects provided by the instructor
  • Fun and Interactive lesson materials.

Prior Knowledge & Experience​

  • Students do not need to have any previous knowledge and experience in coding.
  • Instructor starts from the scratch

Certificate upon Completion ​

  • Students will be assessed and provided certificates.